I made this blog with the realisation that not every follower I have on my other blog would appreciate where I am right now.

My feelings, my thoughts and my plans.

I just felt like, my life has been a series of



And such…

So i made this blog, its not going to be a happy one, but maybe this will be like my journal, an outlet at times when i feel and am most alone.

Thank you, although i know no one would read this


Author: kahyehm

The girl with the butterfly (and hunger games/HP) tattoo books, series, movies, politics, my aspiration to become a doctor, my life, food, travel and many other things but mostly i plan to make it about books with occasional spice of other things that interest me :D I hope you'll enjoy my blog follow it and I'll try to post once a week or more if the lazy plague don't hit me!! Thanks :) -KM (1-31-17) Also ive been a photography hobbyist for almost a year now And been a clinical clerk for 7 months now. Hence, a possible new username or blog site: (COPYRIGHT since i posted that pic of mine with a camera and stethoscope) DOCTOGRAPHER!

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