There’s a cycle I go through where I fall into a hole. Where the proper move is to climb up but what I do is I dig a deeper hole. I dig and dig and dig, until I hit that rock. Rock bottom, that’s what people call it; and then I dig some more. So, when I realize that I need to climb up, well you can guess.

My hands would already be bloody, my arms already sore. The light at the top of a hole is a dot. It happened a lot of times, it happened so much that i know its going to happen again eventually. That even when I reach the top and climb some more so I get higher, I know eventually I’ll fall down again. It will happen forever until that dot goes out and my hands become so bloody, my arms so sore that it could not bear to climb anymore.


Author: kahyehm

The girl with the butterfly (and hunger games/HP) tattoo books, series, movies, politics, my aspiration to become a doctor, my life, food, travel and many other things but mostly i plan to make it about books with occasional spice of other things that interest me :D I hope you'll enjoy my blog follow it and I'll try to post once a week or more if the lazy plague don't hit me!! Thanks :) -KM (1-31-17) Also ive been a photography hobbyist for almost a year now And been a clinical clerk for 7 months now. Hence, a possible new username or blog site: (COPYRIGHT since i posted that pic of mine with a camera and stethoscope) DOCTOGRAPHER!

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